Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Animal crossing DS: fucked up.

The Terrible secret of animal crossing is a story crafted loosely from the plot and screenshots of animal crossing ds. Now- animal crossing is a game where you don't do anything. Much like the sims, you live your life in this world where you are friends with all these other animals in this town. You are supposed to spend the game buying things, interacting with all the different animals to make friends, and making your house look good so you can win best house competitions and stuff like that. There never really is an end that i know of, just different stuff to buy. I never really saw the appeal. The full magnitude of what I was playing struck me when i was spending my time writing a letter to a lamb when i actually had a letter to write to someone I actually know.

TTSOAC takes this bright innocent gameplay and weaves a horror tale around it. Having only played some of Animal crossing, i can vouch for the beginning. They didn't really change much. Though, i suspect that the end has been slightly tweaked.

This got linked to me before a long time ago and i didn't read it. It is long, and generally video game nerds think they are way more funny then they actually are. But honestly- give it a shot. It even has audio narration if you don't want to read it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thrift store finds!

There is a flea market here in philly that doesn't disapoint on a couple fronts. You will find a good amount of old retro games there for a decent price. There is a spot where stacked floor to ceiling are boardgames. And finally, every bad movie known to man is in there on vhs somewhere.

I went 2 or so weeks ago. this was my haul:
I was probably most excited about Revolution: music is the weapon by aerosmith. Its truely an awful game that has a great 90s value. Holly and i have been playing a lot of dr. mario though. That game has certainly gotten the most play. She pretty much wins every time.

I also went today. Here was the haul:
I also picked up a risk & castle risk board game. Looking forward to playing sometime soon.

The game that i'm most excited about in this run is the weird biking green game in the upper right. The logo is pretty much illegible on this jpeg. In fact, when i had it as a kid, i didn't even bother trying to figure out what it said. However, i remember dumping hours and hours into it. I think its a shoot em up, but my memory is hazy.

The obscured snes game is "terminator vs robocop" which- who could ever pass on that? 2 death machines just going at eachother? 90s violence? As a young american man, i couldn't say no. I can't deny it, my mouth watered a little.

Monday, July 28, 2008

flickr? i barely knew her.

The best thing about the iphone so far is that I'm actually using it to take pictures. My last phone had a 1 megapixel camera on it. At that point, why are we even putting cameras in phones? Every picture that phone took looked like garbage.

anyway- because of the 3G and decent camera, I am using flickr alot more. You should check it out.

GODLAND trade 4

This is my last Godland image for image comics. I am leaving the book with issue 24 which i believe just came out. At least, i got my comps for it, so I'm assuming its out already. You are looking at the cover for the fourth trade. I'm sure its named (though i don't have the info on hand) because it is being worked up for solicitation right now. (pre-order yours now!) I'm glad to pass the book off to bill crabtree of invincible fame. For you Godland buffs, I'm sure you remember that Bill also kicked off the book doing the first six issues. So for those of you reading it, do not panic, the coloring is left in very good hands. I think i did the next couple covers, but bill is rocking the interiors.

It was great working with Tom Scioli and Joe Casey on this book, and if the opportunity presents, I would love to work with them again.

For new readers, take note: When i laid out bprd 1946, godland and foolkiller in front of my grandparents, they liked godland the most. For those of you scoffing that grandparents don't know comics let me remind you that they won WWII. How many world wars did you single handedly win?

EDIT! I recently got a new computer and got the new firefox. The image above looks horrible in my browser, but fine in safari. Why? How do i fix it?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

some foolkiller love


"Oh, and if you’re wondering why I’m not rambling on and on about Filardi’s colors, it’s simply because they don’t stand out the way Azaceta’s art does, a by product of Filardi just being too damn good. In fact, the colors fit so perfectly it’s hard to believe they were the work of separate guys, as Filardi matches Azaceta step for step throughout the book."

I'm so good I'm a ghost.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Foolkiller: white angels

Foolkiller: white angels 1 went on sale last week. If you find yourself in the shop- at least flip through it. I really like what paul and i are workin on.

Here is a page from issue 2. Clearly- fools get cooked.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the Crimson Clown
Scotch. Pistol. Face paint. Vigilante Justice.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

doctor doom

Lately I've been trying to take some time out to draw more. So far its been ok, but i haven't really been drawing in years, so I'm very rusty. I don't think i've been happy with a single thing yet, but this doctor doom wasn't that bad.

Its difficult because I know what I want but my hands can't quite get there. I still have the schooling, but not the actual hand control. Frustrating. My brother plays bass guitar. At his peak he was pretty incredible. He is going through the same thing that I am. He hasn't played in years because of a demanding job. How did we stray so far from what we loved?


Thats how the professionals do it, and should you also encounter the cyberdemon i hope thats how you'll do it.

REZ the hottest game of our time

Rez is a kinda cult classic game. The people that love it are very
vocal about it. It was a game that was made more as a piece of art
rather than a game. You move forward in a 3-d world and shoot these
little blocks and enemies that fly out at you, but every time you
shoot or blow something up or really do anything it creates sounds
that go with the beats. Some of them loop. Some don't. But by the end
of the level you have created a completely unique layered soundtrack
depending on how you played the game.

So i was reading the wiki on it the other day. Trying to decide what
version i want to play- dreamcast, ps2, xbox360 blah blah blah. Thats
not the odd part. Go here: and scroll
down to "Trance Vibrator" and check that out. I'm sure that the gaming
people had the best intentions in mind, but wow. How could they not
see that coming? I guess even when you make things vibrate with the
most innocent intentions- you still get a "masturbatory aid"

but then- maybe they did see it coming. Check out the japan only add for it:

Perhaps some nsfw yelling, but pretty tame. You might want to turn down your speakers though, it is pretty loud.