Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ever cook a few fools?

A preview for foolkiller: short time is up on CBR. It comes out july 16th. I'm trying out a lot of newer stuff for me. Not new to comics, but new to me. I drew some inspiration from tommy lee edwards and i think it shows. I picked up his bullet points book at the philadelphia comic con and it kinda kicked down the color door to me. The first thing i read from him was his question mini series, which i liked. However there were too many cut and paste photos thrown into the backgrounds for me to really enjoy it as much as bullet points. BP is an amazing example of the potential of superhero comics. I certainly wouldn't have attempted what i was doing without first seeing edwards do it. I'm sure by the end of the series i'll be getting a good hold on it and making it my own. You know, when its all done. I also wouldn't have even taken foolkiller as far as i did if i didn't first text the waters with Potters Field from Boom studios.

Thats when i started throwing down texture and slightly popping color over the line art in weird ways. It is like the conservative brother of foolkiller. You can actually see everything getting more and more gritty from all the work i've done with the artist of all of these books, Paul Azaceta. Foolkiller is just the freshest and dirtiest of a stack of pages we've worked on over the years together.

So hey- its my first mainstream marvel work. Go flip through it while you are at the store at least. The first issue is a little slow (like most first issues), but there are some really great things that i can't spoil in store for you dear reader. Worth checking out. Cover is below sans logo by the fine Tom Coker.

A quick side note though- it is a Marvel MAX book so it is intended for adults. Cussing. Killing. All that good stuff you come to love in mainstream comics.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


As some of you may know, I live with a great roommate, Holly. However there are many things that I'm extremely passionate about, that she simply isn't. Often because of my inability to regulate a solid sleep schedule I'll be overtired and unable to censor myself. Knowing full well that holly does not at all care about my opinions on what makes a good cell phone, i'll burst into a 20 minute rant. She has learned to cut me off with the statement "ugh. Blog about it." I'm sure this has saved her own sanity on many occasions.

So here we are.

Because of this, i'm sure the blog will rapidly turn into a technology / video game / music / comic blog. Occasionally i'll throw in some sketches and a few heads up when comics i'm working on drop, as well as previews and new project annoucements.


Holly and i once tried to imagine what the most boring blog would be. What, in the mass of slush and unreadable bullshit of the internet, would be its crowning jewel of garbage. We came up with a blog run by Alisha Keys about cornrows. It would contain tips on cornrows, drawings and photos of cornrows, and cornrows that she has seen around town and enjoyed. Hopefully this blog will be better Alisha's.